18 Mar, 2023
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Good News from Neighbourhood Transitions

What is - what if - so what?

Good News from Neighbourhood Transitions – Tune in to listen to a mixture of live broadcast, interviews, soundscapes and much more on Saturday the 18th of March as students from Central Saint Martins Spatial Practices department join CIVIC SQAURE to share and listen in.

The title of the show has taken inspiration from the Good News of B16.

CIVIC SQUARE is a CIC based in Ladywood, Birmingham, working through the neighbourhood as a unit of change to create the civic infrastructure for a just transition. Their work manifests in three core demonstrators: neighbourhood doughnut economics lab; built environment transition; and a public square.

On day one of this two-day residency, CIVIC SQUARE will showcase they have taken the theories of Doughnut Economics off the page through regenerative and distributive practices. Manifesting in a neighbourhood transition on day two, they explore how the fundamental reimagining of our homes, streets, and neighbourhoods can be implemented, governed, and maintained by the people who live there.

CREDITS Khadijah Carberry, Corbin LaMont, Charles Lambert, Jessica Sammut, Zoya Ahmed, Charlotte Bailey, Sanne Winderickx
HOSTED & PRODUCED BY Khadijah Carberry (CIVIC SQUARE) & Corbin LaMont (MA Narrative Environments)
LOCATION Lethaby Gallery, London, UK