Guests include: Monai de Paula Antunes (artistic researcher), Chris Murphy (place analyst), Gascia Ouzounian (associate professor of Music at University of Oxford), Kavita Purohit (CIVIC SQUARE), Seetal Solanki (materials translator), Rafe Bertram (sustainability facilitator), G Rizo (musician and DJ), William Cahill (Roof Thatch), Aqui Thami (Sister Library), Ibiye Camp (RCA visiting lecturer) and Aye! (urban artist)
16 Jul, 2022
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For Good Measure

An MA Cities live broadcast from Camley Street Natural Park, London

For Good Measure explores what counts, what gets counted and doesn't in public good and cultural infrastructure projects, as well as the role of numbers and supply chains in city-making.  We also explore a range of perspectives across scales and cities, focusing especially on London and Lagos, Nigeria. 

For Good Measure featured tunes, call-ins and experimental sounds from our broadcasting hub: Camley Street Natural Park.

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CREDITS Arman Nouri, Carina Tenewaa Canbi, Charlie Wilson, Diana Ibanez Lopez, Han Tomlinson-Roe, Nabil Al-Kinani, Sophie el Nimr, Tolu Faleti, Tushar Hathiramani, Khadijah Carberry
HOSTED BY MA Cities at Central Saint Martins and hFactor, Lagos
LOCATION London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria
POSTER BY: Charlie Wilson, MA Cities
SPECIAL THANKS: Charles Lambert and Rea Wauer