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2 May, 2023

DiE on AiR

Embodying Diversity Inclusivity Equity through social broadcasting

DiE on AiR is a 12-week radio series embodying Diversity Inclusivity Equity through mixing conversation, live participation, student surveying, field recordings and music. Supported by the CSM Changemaker programme, the show streams via however, for the first time, broadcasts outside the confines of Spatial Practices to encourage engagement and access to the platform.

The name DiE on AiR aims to challenge UAL’s EDI marketing strategies. The show playfully explores the tensions that exist in the university by employing surrealist techniques for inspiration and taking an unpolished approach to dialogue, thereby creating an alternative space for knowledge exchange and active listening within the UAL community.

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Episode Archive

This show is produced by Teddy Godwin and Jessica Sammut, supported by the Changemaker programme and recognizes that the content is led and determined all by us as students and UAL employees happening live and not by a particular course or department.

Episode – Echo

Exploring the world of Echo Verse with UAL's Many Languages Poetry Club and UEA's Creative Writing Society through conversation, stories, music and collaborative poetry.

Staff guest: Karen Harris, an Intercultural Communications Trainer/ Language Development Tutor at UAL and leads UAL's Many Languages Poetry Club


Episode – Exquisite Corpse

Our very first and most simple way of experimenting sonically with the Surrealist game of Consequence. For this episode we layered two audio journeys – one from Stroud and one from Paris – to give our Exquisite Corpse a new, imaginary location. 


  • A 35-minute walk upstream between Old Hills and Strawberry Banks in the Stroud Valleys, Gloucestershire. 
  • A 35-minute Parisian commute from the 19th arrondissement, heading northeast to Les Buttes Chaumants.

Episode – Echo Echo

Carrying on from Episode 1, we reflect on echo and deviate into the world of glitch. A sonic tool that can build resonance and even hypnotise its audience, echo and its use is examined across pop culture – from music and soap operas to fairy tales and films.


Episode – Exquisite Corpse Live Mix

On our quest to embody DiE, we re-engage in a sonic game of Exquisite Corpse, this time live-mixing sound submissions from our listener archive and creating new landscapes for our corpses to lie.


Episode Strike Action Live Mix

In solidarity with UCU UAL strike action, we take DiE on AiR outside of CSM, surveying students across campuses and engaging them in a game of free association. Tune in for live-mixing and more chatter from our corpses.


Episode The People Speak Meets the Persian Arts Society

The UAL Persian Arts Society join us in studio at The People Speak, an artist collective creating participatory interventions where conversation informs public decision-making and deepens connections between diverse groups of people. Expect to hear a ‘mock talkshow’ delivery with topics ranging from Persian culture to building community in London.


Episode The Not So Quiet Space

CSM Changemaker Aishah Siddiqua has been working behind the scenes to make CSM’s alleged ‘Quiet Capsule’ function in a more inclusive, purposeful way. Aishah represents the voices of UAL’s Islamic Society along with the wider UAL community Quiet Space seekers. Tune in to the future planning of multiple quiet spaces that deliver on inclusion and equity.


Episode  Underrepresented: In Conversation with Afterall 

Aashna Swaroop, social worker turned screenwriter and CSM Changemaker shares their foresight into a world of underrepresentation. Aashna takes the mic with Teddy and Jess to interview two Afterall PhD candidates who's work explores storytelling outside the Western canon. The interview sparks reactions around the table on the realities of the student experience.


Episode  Film Night On Air

Aarony Bailey is a filmmaker currently studying Fine Art and is the founder of a new film festival Cinema CSM: Moving Image Reimagined. Hannah Karpel, CSM alumni and cultural critic is the director of the critical documentary Access to Arts: Breaking The Class Ceiling. Aarony and Hannah share the impact of their work and discuss how we can create lasting communities that extend beyond graduation.

Due to technical issues, the audio from the full episode is not available :(


Episode  Dreams

Throughout our splinter work as content providers and dream catchers for the show, Teddy and Jess have been gleaning the dreams of UAL students. How do these merge with the dreams for a large institution like UAL? As the current crop of students and staff we have an important role to play in realising a new, dreamy existence while equally reckoning with the shattering of dreams.

Staff guests: Jonathan Carson (Associate Dean of Student Experience) Jon Moore (Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment), Nina Triverdi (Lecturer in Design: Race & Intercultural Studies)

Student guests: Junyu Wen (MA Narrative Environments) and Eunjin Jeon (MA Narrative Environments)


Episode  Right To Roam

The right to roam... the corridors of CSM. What access do students have within the walls of 1 Granary Square? The ability for a student to wander, investigate and be curious is essential to encouraging relationships across disciplines and pathways – but spatially, what is the reality? DiE on AiR investigates.

Student guest: Sarah Dixon (MA Performance: Society)

Due to technical issues, the audio from the full episode is not available :(


Episode  Post-Mortem

In its final episode DiE on AiR  reflects on continuity - how it’s been produced week on week and crucially, how and where does radio continue at CSM or UAL-wide? A post-mortem episode with an eye on the future.


PRODUCED AND HOSTED BY Teddy Godwin and Jessica Sammut
POSTERS Teddy Godwin and Jessica Sammut
SPECIAL THANKS Liam Green, Aashna Swaroop, Nina Traverdi, Alma Feigis, Rey Wauer, the CSM Loan Store, The People Speak, Spatial Practices Programme