2 May, 2023
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D.i.E. on air

Embodying Diversity Inclusivity Equity through surrealist play, live on air.

Open to all UAL students and staff to join. Tuesdays 5.30pm–7.00 pm.

Mixing conversations and live, interactive parlour games - plus bringing in university power players to talk shop and to be open for engagement. It’s a radio programme that takes an unpolished approach, creating an alternative space using recording and live involvement both in-person and online through collective games, call-ins and voice notes.  

The 12-week programme seeks to explore the tensions that exist within the university: e.g.  individual/collective; exclusivity/inclusivity; home student/international. Can the university ever function as a collective in its current format? Can a university that sells itself on exclusivity ever be totally inclusive? How can, say, the anarchical spirit of a Vivienne Westwood be embodied?  

How to participate

Tuesdays 5.30pm-7pm
Join us in-person on The Street at CSM
OR listen live and call-in

Follow @die_on_air

We aim to move existing infrastructures for dialogue beyond their current reach, magically transmitting through walls using sonic waves that carry poetry and open conversation. A number of special guests will feature over the coming weeks, dedicated to a particular element of D.I.E.  

The unpredictability of the Surrealist techniques explored on the show is key to letting the radio programmes delve into areas that can often appear difficult for an institution. In the game of Exquisite Corpse, each individual submits a piece – but when unfolded, a collective picture story is revealed.  

Episode Archive

This show is produced and supported by the Changemaker programme and recognizes that the content is led and determined all by us as students and UAL employees happening live and not by a particular course or department.

Episode – Echo

Exploring the world of Echo Verse with UAL's Many Languages Poetry Club and UEA's Creative Writing Society through conversation, stories, music and collaborative poetry.


Episode – Exquisite Corpse

Our very first and most simple way of experimenting sonically with the Surrealist game of Consequence. For this episode we layered two audio journeys – one from Stroud and one from Paris – to give our Exquisite Corpse a new, imaginary location. 


  • A 35-minute walk upstream between Old Hills and Strawberry Banks in the Stroud Valleys, Gloucestershire. 
  • A 35-minute Parisian commute from the 19th arrondissement, heading northeast to Les Buttes Chaumants.

Episode – Echo Echo

Carrying on from Episode 1, we reflect on echo and deviate into the world of glitch. A sonic tool that can build resonance and even hypnotise its audience, echo and its use is examined across pop culture – from music and soap operas to fairy tales and films.


Episode – Exquisite Corpse Live Mix

On our quest to embody DIE, we re-engage in a sonic game of Exquisite Corpse, this time live-mixing sound submissions from our listener archive and creating new landscapes for our corpses to lie.